The ocean and the beach of damgan live

With this instant view of the Hotel de la Plage, enjoy in real time the atmosphere of the seaside with its tides, its nonchalant walkers and this light wind, pleasant and carrying spray, so characteristic of Brittany.

From your balcony, on the right, you will see the Pointe du Bil, towards Penerf and on the left the Grande Plage which extends to the Pointe de Kervoyal. In all weathers, walking along the seaside is invigorating; in the warm season, walk along the beaches, with your feet in the water, at any time of the day. In cloudy weather, face the sea elements, well covered with a raincoat and admire the big waves crashing on the rocks...these are the simple pleasures offered by a hotel on the beach and Brittany, with its varied landscapes and typical colours, is a real seaside destination!